Sunday, March 3, 2013

2013 Kettlebell Lifting Update

So what's been going on? Well, lots.

Well as of late I have been once again bitten by the Kettlebell Lifting bug. I attribute it largely to the great group of people that I have been providing coaching to online. They are a very dedicated group. They like to have fun. And they share stories of their training and accomplishments with one another in a small private forum that I created on Facebook. Their accomplishments and enthusiasm have motivated me to jump back into the Kettlebell Lifting scene with both feet.

I have been training Long Cycle. I have started dedicating four days a week to lifting and have begun complimenting my lifting with additional (traditional) cardio work.

Yesterday was the first day that I attempted a Long Cycle set with the 24kg bells. I was able to complete a 4 minute set for 24 reps. It felt heavy, but I was able.

My plan is to compete next month at the IKSFA NY Open with the 16kg bells and achieve Rank I. The following month is the IUKL/AKA White Oak Open where I'll see how far my 24kg lifting has progressed.

Here is the vid of yesterday's lifting...

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