Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hats Off to the Ladies

After a long week, without getting any training in, except for snow shoveling, I was able to squeeze in a short session today. I decided to single bell it today, 20kg. And work through a few lifts that are atypical from my usual session.

One Arm Jerk: 20kg - 4 minutes @ 16 rpm

Rest 2 minutes

Cleans: 20kg - 4 minutes @ 16 rpm

Rest 2 minutes

One Arm Long Cycle: 20kg - 4 minutes @ 10 rpm

Now, I like to think that I'm in pretty good shape. At least relative to most of the folks around me. But this workout was tough! I don't think I'm in as good shape as I could be. I think I might have to work this type of training for a little while.

And now when I look at the ladies who are training for sport, using the 20kg bell, and going for 10 minute sets, I am absolutely humbled. My hat is off to all of you. I can't wait to see the results from the competition being held at The Arnold next weekend. Ladies, do your best and make me feel small! =)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Fun Mon Day

Good, fun session today.

Snatch: 20kg - 6 minutes @ 14 rpm

One Arm Jerk: 28kg - 12/12

Swings: 20kg - 20/20

Jump Rope: 5 min on / 2 min off / 2 min on / 2 min off / 3 min on

L-Sit - Tuck: 3 rounds of 20 sec on / 40 sec off

Weighted Dips: 25lbs - 3 sets of 5

Today was the first time hitting a 5 minute set of jump rope. Yeah! And adding some weight to my dips felt good too. Very nice session, indeed!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Yay!

I was tired today. I was a bit sore today. But I got my butt moving nonetheless. Once I got going, things went rather well...

Jerk: 2 x 20kg -
4 minutes: 8 / 10/ 10 / 8
short rest
1 minute @ 12 rpm
1 minute rest
1 minute @ 12 rpm

Swings: 20kg - 15/15

Jump Rope: 4 min on / 2 min off / 2 min on / 2 min off / 4 min on

Bodyweight Pistols: 3 sets of 3/3

Bodyweight Pullups: 3 sets of 3/3

That's it. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Returning to Basics

Today was Snatch Day. Today I finally lugged my 20kg bell into work with me. Through the underground garage, put one elevator, through the building lobby, up another elevator and into my office on the fifth floor. As you'd expect the handle stayed nice and warm today. Hurray!

Unfortunately, the cold weather and its effect on my sessions has taken its toll. Here's what happened today...

Snatch: 20kg - 7 minutes @ 14 rpm

Swings: 20kg - 15/15, 15/15, 15/15

Cool down with Z-Health R-Phase.

The time away from long sets has definitely had a negative effect on my grip. I was shooting for an 8 minute set but decided to change hands at the 3-1/2 minute mark. My grip was shot and I did not want to risk tearing my hands. I then decided to finish off with a few swing sets. Maybe because my hands were fatigued, but even these didn't feel as comfortable as I remember. I definitely don't do enough swings. So it's time for me to return to basics. Time to move ahead.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm Sending Sexy Back

Good session today. Good but not very sexy. I've come to realize that real fitness training is not sexy. It is hard and it is monotonous. But that's what it takes. Granted, when you look at my training, it is does not consist of hours and hours of training. But it is rather boring compared to other sexy workouts. Nonetheless, it is effective and I wouldn't recommend anything other than this to others.

So with today's volume work of jerks, I'm sending sexy back...

Jerk: 2 x 20kg - 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 9, 7, 5, 7, 9, 11 (1 minute rest between each set)

Jump Rope: 2-1/2 min on / 90 sec off for 4 rounds

L-Sit - Tuck: 20 sec hold / 40 sec rest for 3 rounds

Bodyweight Dips: 3 sets of 5 reps

That's it for today.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Dang It!

Is it Spring yet??? I just checked the calendar... five more weeks. The cold is really affecting my snatch workouts.

I had intended to hit 8 minutes today, but again had to stop early because of the cold. I had brought my bell inside last night to keep it warm and today while in the back of my car, I enclosed it within the styrofoam packing material that it ships in. I thought the styrofoam would provide some insulation. I was wrong. My last recourse is that from now on I have to lug it into my office on the days I intend to snatch. At least until it gets warmer outside.

Snatch: 20kg - 6 minutes @ 14 rpm

One Arm Long Cycle: 20kg - 3 minutes @ 10 rpm

Bodyweight Pullups: 3 sets of 5

Single Leg Squats (aka Pistols): 3 sets of 3/3

That's it for the week. Enjoy the weekend!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Usual Jerks

Nothing too exciting to talk about today. It was a simple, but good, session.

Jerk: 2 x 20kg - 5 minutes @ 8 rpm

Jump Rope: 3 min on / 2 min off / 2 min on / 1 min off for 2 rounds (giving me a total of 10 minutes jumping time)

L-Sit - Tuck: 15 sec on / 45 sec off for 4 rounds

Bodyweight Dips: 3 sets of 5

That's it.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mini Clubbells & Snatches

With all the hullaballoo these days about Indian Clubs, I thought it might be a nice addition to warm up a bit with my Mini Clubbells. I have no experience with Indian Clubs, so I can't compare the two. But I had always intended to use the (mini) Clubbells to complement by Kettlebell work, it just never materialized until now, mostly because of my back issues.

Anyway, here's today's session...

Mini Clubbells (5lbs): Xtension program for warm up - this includes front swipes, side swipes, hammer swings, alternating mills, alternating backstroke and split swipe

Snatch: 20kg - 6 minutes @ 14 rpm

Jump Rope: 2 min on / 1 min off for 5 rounds

L-Sit - Tuck: 15 second hold / 45 second rest for 4 rounds

Bodyweight Dips: 3 sets of 5

Bodyweight Pistols: 3 sets of 5/5

That's it for today. I would have/could have gone longer in the snatch but my hands were frozen. I meant to bring my bell inside last night, but forgot. Friday will be an 8 minute set for sure.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Some Jerks and Some Other Fun Stuff

Jerks were on the schedule for today. I am moving up to the 20kg bells now for a bit. Here's the skinny....

Jerk: 2 x 20kg -
3 minutes @ 8 rpm
1 minute @ 10 rpm followed by one minute rest - 3 rounds of this

Swing: 20kg - 15/15

Jump Rope: 2-1/2 minute on / 90 seconds off for 4 rounds

L-Sit - Tuck: 15 second holds on the minute for 4 rounds

Bodyweight Dips: 5 reps for 3 sets

Bodyweight Pistols: 2/2, 3/3, 3/3

That's it and that was enough.

I was hoping to work a longer set of jerks but because I was wearing my Under Armour, long sleeve shirt under my t-shirt, it was next to impossible to keep my elbows from sliding out of the rack. So I decided to compensate for the extra sets after the longer set. Added an extra set of L-Sits today as well since the 15 second sets are starting to get easy. I'll work up to 5 sets of these before increasing my hold time. Through in the Dips and Pistols for added fun!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

One Set of Snatches

Just one set of snatches today...

Snatch: 16kg - 10 minutes @ 14 rpm

Treadmill: 10 minutes low intensity (my shins were killing me today)

That's it. Tomorrow is rest and on Thursday I break out the 20kg bells.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Jerks, Just Jerks

Just jerks today. Still in 'recuperation' training mode.

Jerks: 2 x 16kg - 10 minutes @ 8 rpm

Jump Rope: 2-1/2 minutes on / 90 seconds off for 4 rounds

L-Sits - Tuck: 15 second holds for 3 sets

That's it for today!