Sunday, November 15, 2009

North Jersey Kettlebell Competition

This Saturday, November 14th, the second North Jersey Kettlebell Competition was held at the Fit Experience in Sparta, NJ, hosted by none other than the infamous Mike Sanders.

This meet turned out to be a really great experience for me in several ways, even though my actual performance was not too impressive.

So what will the results for me show?
Jerk: 2x20kg - 49 reps
Snatch: 20kg - 45 reps left hand... then dropped bell, set over

For me, this is sub-training performance, but there are a few items that need to be considered:

- I had not planned to compete leading up to Saturday. I was planning on judging only up until the morning of the competition. Because of that, I had been training hard for the two weeks prior, with lots of high volume, 24kg work. Even the day before putting in a huge session of jerk assistance work.

- My body was tired and shredded on the day of the meet. My hands were torn up from snatching on Monday and Tuesday. Both palms torn up and not completely healed. I knew going in that these were going to be a problem.

- I was up at 4am feeding my baby girl that morning and was riding on caffeine when I arrived at the venue.

So, after all of my crying and moaning, why am I so pleased with the meet?

- If I can bang out 49 reps of jerks without even being rested, then I can't imagine how well I would do if I had actually tapered for the event.

- I hadn't trained a long, timed set of either lift in over three weeks, prior to the competition

- At rep 45 of my snatch set, my wind was great and body felt strong. My wound had been opening up just prior to that and I attempted to hit 50 reps before switching hands (and bleeding), but unfortunately my hand had other ideas.

And I learned a few things...

- On my jerk set, I didn't have a good view of the clock and totally lost track of the time and my pace. In practice, I typically go at 8 reps per minute. At the end of the first minute of the comp, I was already at rep number 12. I was flying. I tried to slow down, but was still hitting the same pace at minute two. It was at that point I stopped even trying and just went into auto pilot and did whatever I felt.

- On my snatch set, I made sure I was able to see the clock well and was keeping my pace. At times I felt like I could have gone all day, resting with the bell at top, looking around at the crowd. It was a GREAT feeling!

I also have to say that first stepping onto the platform for my first jerk set was a great feeling also. I waited for the count down, cleaned the bells and got settled into my rack. At this point too, I got comfortable, took a deep breath and looked around at the crowd in front of me. I settled in and went to work. It felt great!

I am so looking forward to my next competition! Next time, there will be no hesitation. I will be prepared. I will be ready. And I will be competing with the 24kg bells!!


TKZ said...

Hi ^^

Franklin said...

Congratulations on a fine performance!

As you said all things considered you got on the platform and put it in on the line for all to see. This is how you will really improve by being willing to test yourself in a real competition.

Boris T. said...

Congrats on the meet, even though you haven't planned on doing it.