Sunday, September 12, 2010

Friday Lifting

Here's what went down this past Friday. It was a relatively quick session (as I had my sports massage scheduled directly following), but I have been feeling the effects all weekend, particularly in my ankles and knees.

Warmup: empty barbell (see prior workouts, same)

Clean & Jerk: 65/3, 85/3, 115/1, 135/3

(for the first three sets of C&J, I cleaned the bar, then performed a front squat, pausing for 5 sec at the bottom, then came up, performed the jerk, holding that position also for 5 sec before lowering the bar)

Seated Snatch Hold: 65/1

Snatch Balance: 65/4, 65/1

(it was here that I first felt some soreness in my left ankle, so I didn't push it)

Pistols: 5/5

That was it for the day.

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