Friday, September 26, 2008

Frustratingly Slow

Good morning!  Here we are at just about the end of September.  This month went fast.  It's been a solid month of nothing but physical therapy for me and I'm still in some discomfort and pain.  I can now visually see the difference in my pelvis, the pain has diminished and at times even disappears, but I am nowhere out of the woods yet.

So each morning I continue to wake up early and work through my 'therapy routine'.  Work on the foam rollers has improved greatly.  Today I even threw in a set of pushups

I can understand how people who are sick or injured can suffer from depression.  It is very difficult to stay positive when you are in a constant state of pain and discomfort.  Let alone when you put a lot of time and effort into trying to heal with no immediate or noticeable results.  I had a followup visit with my doctor on Monday and we prescribed another 4-6 weeks of therapy.  So hopefully this time next month, I'll be writing something different.  If I'm lucky I'll be able to restart my training on Halloween.

On an exciting note, I am expecting a FedEx delivery today containing Scott Sonnon's new Free to Move book with Intuflow & Xtnesion DVDs and mini clubbells!  It was just about a year ago that I first started working with Z-Health R-Phase and it has done me well.  Messing around with Infuflow, given Scott's online freebies, I think it is a good progression for me.  From what I can tell it is more integrative than what I've been exposed to in Z-Health and feels more natural to me given my martial arts background.  Therefore I hope to crack the protective tape from it this weekend and should have some feedback very soon.

In the meantime, stay happy and healthy everyone!


The Edge said...


Glad to hear you're getting back to full fitness. I can sympathize, I severely tore my hamstring the week following the NY certification and I'm still only able to train at about 80%, it's annoying, but I'm getting there. Just got to be patient and ease your way back.

Keep your chin up, you'll be back at full strength soon!

hunashaman said...

Cool about the Int-Flow arriving. I'm looking forward to hearing some of your experiences.