Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Recovery Update & Qigong DVD

I'm still sailing along, status quo. Saw the doc yesterday who was surprised that I hadn't achieved any relief following last week's Cortisone shot. During yesterday's visit we performed the usual acupuncture procedure and followed it up with a deeper Novacaine shot, a bit higher in the joint. My instructions were not to do anything for a week. I'm not exactly sure if posting this blog is even allowed (?).

In the meantime, a friend recommended I look into Dr. Jwing-Ming Yang's "qigong for bad backs" book/DVD. I found the DVD available on Amazon and ordered it. It arrived yesterday. I will start watching it this week and perhaps introduce some of the exercises after my week of nothing is up. I did notice that there are some seated variations of the movements that I can probably test out.

That's it for now. I'll be in attendance this Saturday at the North Jersey kettlebell competition helping out and maybe taking some video, but won't be handling the bells. I'm committed to fixing my back once and for all. If I'm taking the time out now (again) I do not want to have to do this another time. Let's get 'er done!!


Franklin said...

I think these posts are very information. Injury rehab and prevention come with the training territory and I for one am very interested and concerned about your progress.

Also looking forward to hearing how the Qigong DVD is.

Howie Brewer said...

Thanks Franklin. The frustrating part is that I could train now if I chose to. I have been since last summer. If I was in excruciating pain, it would make it easier to lay off, but I'm not.

Hopefully over the weekend I'll get some DVD time in.

At the same time, I would gladly carry this pain for the rest of my days if others in my life could receive healing.

David said...

Hope your back gets better soon.

hunashaman said...

Hey Howie.Good luck with Dr.Yang's DVD. I studied quite a bit of his Qi Gong stuff and was an active member of YMAA South Africa for a while. He knows his stuff.