Friday, June 19, 2009

Status Update

Well, I've been cruising along in rest mode for a little while now. I did notice a tiny bit of improvement in my back since my last visit to the doc a week and a half ago. I see him again on Tuesday, so maybe we can plot out our next moves.

I gave a short kettlebell demonstration Wednesday evening at a local martial arts school. I used the 8kg bell. I felt great while demonstrating. Immediately felt the effects in my back shortly after. It's funny that now I can feel things happening in two places as opposed to the usual single location. I'll be discussing this with the doc next week.

Last night, I re-watched the video I made of myself last month. At the time when I recorded it, I watched it and was very displeased with my form (I am always my worst critic). After last weekend's judging experience at the North Jersey Kettlebell Competition (I need to provide a write-up on it still) I must have gained some useful insight after viewing some many others perform the same lifts, that I was able to view myself a bit more objectively. I immediately identified some areas that need improvement and also felt more comfortable with my performance. It wasn't so bad after all. Or maybe I just needed some time away from it before judging it objectively. Doesn't really matter at this point as the end result is the same.

Nonetheless, I miss swinging the bells!!

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