Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Not So Good Diagnosis

Went to see a new Sports Doctor today to have him check out this nagging pain in my back.

In August it will be a year since the pain began and so far I have yet to get any lasting relief. I have been able to tolerate training and have not had any bad flare ups, but there is always some pain to deal with.

After an examination and x-rays, the diagnosis is that I have a sprained sacral-iliac ligament.

And the only way for it to heal, it to rest it. Resting it does not mean, no activity. Because this ligament (actually it's three ligaments that hold the sacrum and iliac together back there) is used to stabilize the hip and spine, any closed chain movements will aggravate it. In simple terms, anything that I do standing. I can perform open chain exercises, ones where I am either sitting or lying.

This is not the kind of news that a kettlebell lifter wants to hear. Apparently, I could continue to have this pain for the rest of my life if I don't allow it to hear properly. And there is always a chance that it could return again in the future, now that it's been injured once.

So what's the plan? Good question.

Between now and June 20, when I attend the AKC Coach's Cert, I am going to increase my rest days and drop down to lighter bells just to keep my groove on. Once the Cert is behind me, the doc suggests a cortisone shot coupled with a few weeks of acupuncture.

Ugh... I can't believe this. But at the same time, I need to think about my long term health and wellness. Whatever shall be, shall be. Just another day in the life of Howie Brewer.

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