Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rest & Acupuncture

I've taken this week off to rest following last week's visit to the sports doc. After getting much feedback from my kettlebell brethren, I decided to not be so stubborn and start the healing process sooner than later.

That means I'll be skipping the upcoming AKC Coach's Certification. As much as it pains me to do so, it is for the best. No sense digging the hole I'm now in deeper. It'll only take longer to climb out. And when I thought about it, I'd much rather attend the cert while 100% and nothing less.

So after resting for a full week, I feel anxious. I need to do something physical!

I went back to the doc today and had my first session of acupuncture. Nothing exciting to report. It was fine. Didn't hurt. Lasted about 20 minutes. This was then followed about with some light massage and a small injection of Novocain into my back. I'm interested to see if I can feel any difference tomorrow.

Next Wednesday I am scheduled for a Cortisone shot. Following that I am required to take it easy for a few days to allow the inflammation to go down. In the meantime, I have been given the green light to hit the stationary bike. Problem is I'm swamped at work this week and won't have a chance until Thursday. This sedentary lifestyle is killing me!! =)

That's it for now. More will be posted when I have more to tell.


hunashaman said...

Thanks for the comments bro! Wow, it has been quite a ride...all the way from a stiff back to some overly familiar psychology issues. The human organism seems to be pretty holistic indeed...whether we are cynics or not. Things really are changing for me at the moment...I just don'w yet know exactly what the outcome will be.

Howie Brewer said...

Come on man, just do like the rest of us and push those psychological issues down, deep down inside you and bury them for good! :P

This sounds very mystical to me. I can't wait to see what happens once the dust clears.

Lance said...

Hope you get better cousin! I am going to be buying some Kettlebells, I found a dealer close to me. I am on my way to a healthy and bigger body! Thanks for the inspiration!