Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Finally Moving Again

The past two weeks have been terrible in terms of me trying to get in my normal workout. Hopefully the worst is over and I can get back onto something steady again. Today's session was meant to be relatively easy. Just a means to get the body moving again.

Jerk: 2 x 20kg - 3 minutes @ 10 rpm, 1 min rest, 1 minute @ 10 rpm

Snatch: 20kg - 4 minutes @ 16 rpm - changed hands each minute

Swing: 20kg - 15 / 15

L-Sit - Tuck: 20 second hold, 40 second rest for 3 rounds

Bodyweight Dips: 3 sets of 5

I decided today not to wet my shirt for my jerks. I did notice that not doing this fatigues my delts a lot faster. I suppose its because they get recruited more as I try to keep my elbows from sliding off my hips. That's it and that's all!

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