Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Inching Upward

Good training session today! I think I made a wise decision to stick to 5-minute jerk sets until I am able to hit 50 reps in that time. It is keeping me focused on my technique and conditioning to continue to make steady progress. And I am just about there now. No snatching today, nor for the rest of this week, as I need to let me hand heal up well.

Here's today's session...

Jerk: 2 x 20kg -

5 minutes @ 8/10/8/10/10 (46 reps total)

2 minutes @ 10 rpm

One Arm Jerk: 28kg - 8 / 8

Swing: 20kg - 20 / 20

Treadmill: 20 minutes - intervals of walk/light run, 7 min/13min

That's it. Tomorrow is a rest day. Looking forward to hitting it again on Friday.

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