Friday, January 4, 2008

Bumping Up The Weight

Today I decided to start playing around with my bigger kbs for a change. Although warmed up with my usual, I introduced a next size up kb for the rest of the movements. I was still a bit stiff and sore from Wed's session but got things going just fine.

Yesterday, the new issue of Hard Style was released and I found the article, "It's Called A Challenge For Good Reason", by Brett Jones. And I thought, 'this was written for me'. Brett describes how one should prepare for a RKC Certification weekend. Within the article he also mentions another article written by RKC Steve Freides on how to prepare to specifically pass the RKC Snatch Test. Turns out Steve is not too far from me, he's just over the NY/NJ state border. I found his website and am going to try to get to a workshop he is hosting at the end of this month. In addition, I'm going to test out his program on Monday. I'd like to see where in his plan I currently fall. I think I might already be somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd level.

OK, on to this morning's session...

2-Hand Swing: 16kg - 30, 24kg - 10
Halos: 16kg - 5/5

Turkish Getup: 24kg - 2/2

2-Hand Swing: 32kg - 10
1-Hand Swing: 32kg - 5/5, 5/5
2-Hand Swing: 32kg - 10, 10

Cleans (from floor, kb behind heels): 32kg - 1/1/1/1/1/1 (alternated each arm 3x)

That was it for today. Forearms are tired from the week. Hammies, glutes and back sore. It's been a good week!! And now I shall rest and recuperate until Monday. Have a great weekend.

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Franz Snideman said...

Nice training Week! Yeah...sometimes we have to rest those forearms and hammies....the KB's always get those areas!!!