Thursday, January 10, 2008

Snatches, on the Minute

Today I begin the 3rd Level of Steve Freides "Preparing for the RKC Snatch Test" protocol. In this phase one is to perform a set of 5/5 snatches every minute, on the minute. First session calls for a 5 minute block. This would have the kb'er perform a total of 50 snatches in those 5 minutes. Each session after that, you attempt to increase your overall time by an additional minute. Once you are able to work through 20 minutes in total, you are ready to move onto Level 4.

Before tackling the Snatches, the morning started like this...

2-Hand Swings: 16kg - 30, 24kg - 20, 32kg - 10

Arm Bar: 12kg - 1/1
Wanted to try these out. I quickly learned I need to find a spot with some more room to be able to lie down and roll over.

Windmill: 16kg - 3/3, 24kg - 5/5
I was able to complete 5 on each side this morning with the 24kg. I decided to limit the 16kg set to only 3/3, rather than the typical 5/5, hoping to leave some gas in the tank for the 24kg. Worked!

Now it was time to pull out the Gymboss and set it for 1-minute intervals. 5 total minutes was my goal for today.

Snatches: 24kg - 5/5 on the minute for 6 minutes (60 Snatches in total)

Yeap, I got through 5 minutes and definitely had the energy to bust out another set. I could have pushed myself through another set or two after that, but decided to play it smart. There is always plenty of time for Snatches.

I was very surprised how strong I felt performing these, especially the first set. I haven't felt like this ever. My grip on the bell felt really solid. And my control felt great. I really felt like I was one with the kettlebell. Awesome feeling!

Not sure yet how I'm going to structure tomorrow's session. I want to focus on Clean & Press and Pistols. Not to worry, I have another 23 hours to think about it. =)


Aaron Friday said...

Keep some gas in the tank and hit PRs on a regular basis. Steve Freides' article looks really good to me.

Franz Snideman said...

Snatching on the miniute....very nice! I have only tried it once with a 32kg and it was brutal. A little to heavy for me to start of with.

I see merit and value in training for time! Nice job!

Howie Brewer said...

Thanks guys.

I'm actually scheduled to attend a workshop with Steve Freides at the end of this month (as long as the enrollment hits a minimum threshold). Hopefully he'll be able to give me some pointers to help my progress.

Aaron, it's definitely nice to end a workout with some gas still in the tank. A whole other way of thinking.

And Franz, one day I'll snatch that 32kg for time. But for now, my focus is on the 24kg. Look out!

Franz Snideman said...

I have no doubt that you'll be snatching the 32kg for reps!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice...kind of like a variation of GTG. :)