Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Super Joints and more

Worked through the Super Joints routine this morning. Worked through each of the 17 movement (except for Russian Pool, since I didn't have a staff handy) for 10 reps each. This took about 20 minutes in total. I was briefly reading each description as I went through the list, so I imagine I'll be able to cut this back a bit as I get used to the movements. Then again, if I perform one rep for every year of age, this routine could end up taking an hour all by itself!! =)

Joints weren't the only thing Super this morning. I am (still) Super Sore from Sunday's Workshop! My arms are killing me. Delts, triceps, elbow extensors - I am just before the point where it hurts to straighten my arms. And I've still got this cough. So following Super Joints, I decided to go easy and just try to get things warmed up and moving for the day. Looked like this...

2-Hand Swings to warm up: 16kg - 25

Halos: 16kg - 4/4

Clean & Press: 16kg - 5/5

Windmill: 16kg - 3/3

2-Hand Swings: 24kg - 10, 10
1-Hand Swings: 24kg - 10/10

That's it for today. I think I'm going to break a PR soon... almost the entire month of January sick. I can't believe it. And here I thought I was a 'healthy' person. This germ just does not want to go away!


Dr. Mark Cheng said...

Howie, hang in there. The bug will pass. There are a lot of virulent strains going around this year. My whole family has been taking turns getting sick, and we've all had laryngitis this fall/winter.

Rest up, grease the groove, and you'll be back in full force sooner than you think!

Keep up the good training!

Howie Brewer said...

Thank you Dr. Cheng. I'm finally starting to feel the symptoms subside. The hardest part has been trying to rest when my heart tells me to train. A good problem to have I suppose.