Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Little Z To Get Things Moving

Woke up this morning a bit sore from yesterday's session. Decided I would keep things light today, since tomorrow I plan to do practice some swings with the 32kg.

Worked through all of the sections of R-Phase Z-Health that I've reviewed to date. That includes Lengthening, Knees, Hips, Pelvis, Lumbar, Thoracic, Neck, Shoulders and Elbows.

All that I have left are Feet & Ankles and Hands & Fingers. I'll go through one of those sections this weekend getting me closer to the finish line. That's not to imply that I'm anywhere even close to doing these movements as precisely as I could, but at least I'm moving in the right direction (I think).

Anyway, also decided to stretch out the shoulders a bit with some Overhead Holds using the 16kg. I performed each hold with one arm for 1 minute, then switched arms. Did this twice through. I have limited space in my little workout room, can take a maximum of 7 steps in one direction, so did a little bit of walking about during each minute.

Shoulders feel good. Biceps are feeling pretty good - a little tight but nothing even close to the pain I'd been getting a little while back. I have been doing Z- elbow circles a LOT lately. They have definitely been helping.

That's it for today. Looks like a lot of words for a little workout. Tomorrow I play with Sam.


Mark Reifkind said...

man the ankles,wrists and hands are some of the best parts of the z drills you are in for a treat! lots of hard work though and the realization that you really cant; move that ankle in that way very well,lol.
In the begining just doing the movements no matter how poorly seem to get results.

Delaine R said...

Rif is dead on. Since so much of the kettlebell workouts are done with straight wrists, I often get hot flashes when I work wrist drills! And, again like Rif said, Bad Z is still good- just get the joints moving. :-)