Saturday, March 1, 2008

Finishing February Off on a High Note

Well my Taper Week is just about over and I now only got two workouts in. They were both of reduced intensity, so I guess I didn't miss my goal by too much. The official count for the month of February is 13 workout sessions out of 28?, no 29 days. Pretty much on track with my consistency. This week kept me from hitting my minimum of 50% goal.

Anyway, today's session consisted of:

1-Handed Swings - 5/5 on the minute for 20 minutes with the 16kg

Dare I say this was an easy workout? I actually finished in 19 minutes, because I performed the second to last set as 5/5/5/5. I didn't see any use to waiting for the final minute and finished up early. So an easy 200 swings in 19 minutes.

I did notice something that I think might be contributing to my forearm/elbow soreness. On my downswings, when I hike the kb back between my legs, I have been rotating my hand so that my thumb is pointed behind me. At some point between my first two sets I noticed this started to aggravate my now somewhat rested forearms. Hmm... never picked up on this. And this is something that I do with swings, snatches and cleans. There just might be a connection here! So I finished off my sets without the hand rotation. I'll drop this for a while and see if it helps accelerate my healing. I definitely like how the hand turn makes my swings feel, and its something that I introduced relatively recently, so we will have to see if this is the culprit.

Only caught a glimpse of Resilient, specific to elbows and the Elbow Greaser move targets move exact point of discomfort. So it's definitely a wrist rotation thing going on. I'll be trying to get through the rest of the DVD over the weekend. That's it for now!


Aaron Friday said...

Good insight on the hand-rotation thing. Get used to doing things without, and I predict it won't make a bit of difference.

Howie Brewer said...

Absolutely. I can now identify it clearly just by rotating my arm in that direction with some tension. Funny how it's taken this long to figure it out. And no wonder the pain hasn't dissipated yet even though I've stopped snatching and cleaning. Gonna throw a post up on Dragon Door today on this, just in case there are others suffering similarly. Maybe I can try to throw in some snatches again now...