Friday, March 28, 2008

Brett Jones RKC Cert Preparation #1

Ran through Workout #1 of the Brett Jones RKC Certification Preparation sessions today.

Only 1 time through with the 16kg. Still watching my shoulder motion throughout my movements. I did notice on my Snatches that I have a tendency to try to decelerate the kb on the descent and am not going deep enough into the whole at the bottom. At least not on every rep. So for the few snatches I performed today, I tried to correct that. One thing I pushed through which I probably shouldn't have was the Clean & Presses. Forearms hurt on the Press, I think I'll be substituting the Palm Press for these in the following workouts, until I'm healed up.

So this was today's session...

BJ#1: single 16kg

1-Hand Swings: 10/10
Clean & Press: 8/8
1-Hand Swings: 10/10
Clean & Front Squat: 8/8
1-Hand Swings: 10/10
Getups: 4/4
1-Hand Swings: 10/10
Snatches: 8/8
1-Hand Swings: 10/10

Just once through today. Then finished up with...

Fighter Pushups: 8, 8
supersetted with
Double 12kg Overhead Holds: 30sec, 30sec

RKC Arm Bar: 12kg - 1/1

RKC Shoulder Rotator: 12kg - 1/1

Will be attempting to get in BJ#2 and BJ#3 over the weekend. This will be the first time going 3 days in a row. Should be exciting!


Franz Snideman said...

looking good!!!!!
Keep it up and you will do fine at the RKC!!!!

Franklin B. Herman said...

A very sensible approach sir! I too still have a tendency to slow the bell on its descent during snatches at least with my left side (the weaker one) .. especially as I get tired. Its typically a sign to stop the set.

I'm with you on presses, they are nasty on the forearms especially, at least for me, the negative. You can also replace C&P's with C & Push Presses .. it allows you to keep the rhythm of the routine the same and without sacrificing any volume.

Mark Reifkind said...

good stuff howie. this will get you ready for the rkc like nothing else. plus, thinking about things in this depth is also what RKC is about. keep it up and stay safe. train to a 'comfortable' stop.

Howie Brewer said...

Thanks fellas. August RKC is what it is all about these days. Training safely and smartly, to be healthy and prepared. I just hope I can adequately ramp things up in time!!