Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday - Brett Jones RKC #2

Today I was scheduled to perform Brett Jones' RKC Preparation Workout #2. Knowing that this was the Clean & Press-intensive session, I opted to work with Double 12kg bells. I figured pressing with 12kg would not put too much stress on my forearms while still giving me something of a decent whole body workout.

Only went through the cycle once today. I'll gradually start adding multiple cycles, but not this week. This is what today looked like...

BJ#2: Double 12kg

Clean & Press: 8
1-Hand Swings: 20
Clean & Press: 8
Clean & Front Squat: 8
Clean & Press: 8
Getups: 8/8 (these were single 12kg, yeap easy, but that's why I bumped up to 8 on each side)
Clean & Press: 8
Snatches: 8/8 (same as Getups, 8 each side, focusing on a loose down swing)
Clean & Press: 8

I was surprised how well the Presses felt with this weight. I might also have to do with the arm positioning when performing doubles. In the rack position, my hands were pretty close together, on the chest, under the chin. Pressing straight up from here, didn't bother the forearms as I had expected. Also lighter bells help that too. I'm going to try to better emulate that same position when I perform single presses.

I was also very pleased with how my forearms felt this morning. I wasn't sure how they would hold up after yesterday's work, but no worse than usual. Of course, I'm hoping that they soon start to feel better, but for now being able to do some work and not feel worse is an improvement in itself. I'm going to continue working with the lighter bells for a while longer to see if they do start to feel better. That's my only option right now, aside from totally laying off the bells. And that's my last resort. Hopefully, I'm now headed in the right direction.

That's it for today. Tomorrow I'll try to squeeze in the BJ#3 session. It's going to be tough as we have a BIG 2nd Birthday Party for Anthony tomorrow. Lot's of family and friends coming by. So the rest of today will be filling with cleaning up and getting organized for the party. Oh yeah, and blowing up balloons and making cup cakes!! =)

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