Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, everyone.

Today was a quick trip through the Brett Jones RKC Prep Workout #1 (BJ#1, using Gabi's nomenclature).

My entire shoulder girdle was feeling the effects of yesterday's work. No pain, just a nice tightness. Forearms a bit sore, but that's because I was demonstrating my form to Steve using his DragonDoor 24kg kettlebell. I have to say, the DragonDoor bells are very nice. I have decided that all my future purchases will be from DragonDoor.

So today was a quick trip through using a single 16kg bell. Did I mention that I would be using reduced weight for a little while? Today's swings did not bother my forearms while performing the swings or snatches. A little bit with the cleans, but as I tried to keep my upper arm glued tighter to my body, that helped alleviate the discomfort.

Also with the swings, I tried to over exaggerate pulling my shoulders into their sockets. This did reduce the height of my swings just a bit, but not too much. And I did notice that it was more difficult to accomplish this for the right shoulder than the left. So this will continue to be my main focus for the time being. The little bit of Snatches today felt really good. I'm looking forward to start these up again.

So this is what's today's session looked like, all with a single 16kg...

1-Hand Swing: 10/10
Clean & Press: 5/5
1-Hand Swing: 10/10
Clean & Front Squat: 5/5
1-Hand Swing: 10/10
Get Ups: 3/3
1-Hand Swing: 10/10
Snatches: 5/5
1-Hand Swing: 10/10

That's it for today. Hope everyone has a great day!

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Paula said...

Hope you had a good Easter!