Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Swing Sets

No, not this kind!!

Anyone else notice how much harder it is to wake up on a Wednesday compared to a Monday?

I got up a little later than usual today, so nothing fancy in today's session, just went straight to work.

Windmills: 20kg - 5/5

2-Hand Swing: 24kg - 10

1-Hand Swing: 24kg -
20/20 (*PR*)

My first set of 20 Left + 20 Right is a PR. For the time being I am training my swings as if I had to pass a RKC Swing Test to get certified. 20/20 left me with some still in the bank. I didn't want to go all out today, so I'm confident that number will continue to go up in the near term.

Finished off with some miscellaneous elbow/forearm work. That's all, time to go to work. I think the next few days at the office are going to be long ones...


Franklin said...

Howie, excellent job with one-hand 24kg swings ... especially the 20l/20r PR. I take it that these were performed without the GS twist that was bothering you previously.

I was taught both ways (with and without the GS twist) by two different RKC instructors. I found out a while back that swinging without the twist keeps me a little better balanced so I don't do it anymore.

Howie Brewer said...

Thanks Franklin. Yes, performed without the twist. I do like the way the twist feels, particularly at the shoulder, but for now at least, swings sans twist.

Taikei Matsushita said...

Took two visits to your blog to get the meaning of "swing set" joke. Must have been hard for you to get that picture.
I didn't see the swing part well on picture.

I'd say keep the 20/20 per set maximum, you don't have to challenge for 25/25 but rather correct the quality of swing and increase "swing sets", then kids all over the neighbor will rush in to your house.

Howie Brewer said...

Thanks Taikei. Sorry to make you have to think to get my joke. I'll work on increasing the number of 20/20 sets for a few weeks. Then maybe test myself on a long set once a month or so to see how things are improving.

I hope all those kids don't ruin my yard. I might need to put a fence up.

Aaron Friday said...

20/20 is a lot of swings. In my experience, doing more than that is just horrible. I'd like to see YOU do it, though.

Howie Brewer said...

I will be doing some more high rep swings Aaron. Maybe once every few weeks just to see how my strength-endurance is improving. I figure if I can keep improving with my swings, when I get back to snatching, it should be no problem.