Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Active Rest

Took it easy this morning. (1) Because I was exhausted - stuck in the office until about 9:30pm, almost 10:30 before getting home, didn't eat well and late getting to bed. And (2) forearms were a bit tight and sore today.

But rather than sleep in, I got up because I am now trying to shift into a Tues-Wed-Fri-Sat-Sun schedule using the Brett Jones "Preparing for the RKC Cert" plan. Therefore even if I didn't do too much work today, it's a start to get the body used to the pattern.

Today consisted of a mix of Super Joints, Z-Health, Resilient and other miscellaneous work. Played with the Hack Chest Opener which really stretched out the shoulders and collar bone nicely. Aside from that nothing else really exciting to bring up so that'll be it for today. Swing 'em hi, y'all!


Franz Snideman said...

RKC at UCLA! I will be there along with Yoana!

Keep up the training!!!

Taikei Matsushita said...

Yes, get some rest.
When you're tired, focus on form and breathing. You get to pick one of three different weights to demonstrate proper technique during cert.
They only weight tested deal is snatch test.

So, I'll be seeing Franz this June and I can pass on some spirit through him.

Howie Brewer said...

Franz, I will be looking forward to meeting both you and Yoana at the cert. Awesome!!

Taikei, I'll take all I can get. Whether it be spirit or spirits. Short term focus is healing and basic conditioning. Longer term is snatch numbers.

Franklin B. Herman said...

A gold star for you too (I was feeling particularly generous and I gave myself one the other day for resting) ... rest is so good .. amen