Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Road Trip!

Today I'm headed to an offsite company meeting up in the beautiful mountains of the Hudson Valley here in NY. No training session this morning as I am still trying to maximize sleep these days. After this Friday, things should slow back down to a normal pace at work, so I'm hoping to get back into a more normal rhythm.

Tomorrow morning I have agreed to put some fellow coworkers through an introductory kettlebell workout. Some have already started using kettlebells, others have not. So I have tried to come up with a workout that is both introductory and yet somewhat taxing at the same time.

The most complex movement I plan to take them through is Swings - one and two handed. There will be no overhead movements (I can't risk having anyone getting injured). I will then sprinkle in some One-legged Deadlifts, One-legged Rows, Tactical Lunges, Squats and Russian Twists. Sounds a lot like my Saturday workout, huh? =) Depending on people's conditioning I'll alternate Swings with each of the other movements.

We won't have too much time, so we may only make it through one cycle. We'll see. Hopefully this will be just enough to get people excited about kettlebells. And yes, I hope to have some pics taken that I can share with everyone afterward.

On another note, with things slowing down at work, I think I'll schedule a visit to my local physiatrist to take a look at my forearms. No sense not getting another opinion. And a professional one at that! OK gotta run. Watch for a follow-up either tomorrow night or Friday. Later!


Takeonestripperpole said...

Hope you have fun!

Franklin said...

Wow, that's a very impressive looking facility .. 1st class all the way. Nice to see your company is taking good care of its valued employees.

I hope you had to chance to also demonstrate your interested co-workers the awe inspiring Turkish-Get-Up, aka TGU .. a real crowd favorite in my experience.