Friday, May 18, 2007

1st KB Workout

Last night was my first 'official' kb workout. I got home from work, threw on my sneaks and went out back to workout on the grass with my 16kg bell. My plan was to keep the session under 20 minutes for two reasons. One, because I had no idea how it would work me and today is a gym-lifting day, and two, because I didn't want to overstress my shoulders first time out of the box. The session ended up lasting just 16 min. At that point I was nicely tired, to the point where I could feel my form starting to deteriorate as well as the shoulders starting to feel weak. All in all, happy with the workout! 16 min, 205 cal, avg hr 80% max.

Workout -
2-hand swings: 6x15 reps
1-hand swings: 3x10/10 (right/left)

I started the fourth set of 1HS and the shoulder was feeling weak and started clicking, so I decided it was a good place to stop. Shortly after this session, I was feeling a bit nauseau. Not sure if it was because I started the workout hungry on an empty stomach but I'll see if it happens again this weekend. I guess the stories about people puking after kb workouts might actually be true! Physically, I felt good at the end. Was surprised at the nausea. Looking forward to deadlifts today at the gym! More later.

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