Monday, May 14, 2007

My Personal Blog

Today I start my new personal, training blog. I want to use this forum to keep track of my training as well as share ideas and get input from those around me. Up until now I have been working out in a traditional gym, focusing on functional strength, powerlifting-centric exercises. That sprikled with traditional cardio - mostly treadmill and jump rope - I get in on average 3-5 workouts per week. This is usually done during the day, on my lunch hour, my actual gym time at most lasting about 45 minutes.

But today is different. Today I expect to receive via UPS my first kettlebell! A 16 kg bell should be arriving today and I am excited. I will be taking a 3-session kb course starting beginning of June at the community college. In the meantime, I'll be referencing Pavel's Russian Kettlebell Challenge book for guidance. How will I incorporate this new modality into my current routine? I'm not sure yet. I honestly don't even know how much I will enjoy working with the kb. This is a new experiment for me. I hope that when I get home this evening, the kb will be waiting for me. I'm looking forward to the first of my swings. Stay tuned...

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