Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Say Hello to My Little Friend

Yesterday marked the start of a new era for me and my training. When I arrived home my one pood kettlebell was waiting at the front door for me. It sat there in a little cardboard box at the top of the steps. No sense bringing it inside, we were heading into the backyard! With my Russian Kettlebell Challenge book under my arm, I could now, finally, apply some of what I have been reading for about a year now into practice!

I started with two hand swings. Got into a good position, similar to that when performing stiff legged deadlifts, and tried a few. Immediately both shoulders started "clicking" as the bell traveled up and away from me. I don't think this was a good thing. I made two adjustments immediately - (1) don't swing so high and (2) pull the shoulders down and anchor them in. That did the trick! I continued to do a few sets of about 10 reps of these. Then proceeded to try a few snatches, a few cleans and ultimately some presses. I def felt the should joints being strained while doing the presses. I'll have to work on my form on these. I don't have a problems doing the same weight with a dumbell, so it shouldn't take too long to get accustomed to the kb.

Today is a gym workout, not sure yet if I'll make it a lifting session or a cardio session... I'm gonna play it by ear.

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