Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Not Kettlebell Stuff

Over the weekend the family made one of its regular outings to our local neighborhood Lowes. For those of you not familiar, Lowes is a competitor to Home Depot. Similar in its offerings and price, only cleaner and more pleasant. While at Lowes, I picked up some new tools for my training arsenal - cinder blocks! Two cinder blocks and they only put me back $2.82!

It's been a while since I've done anything in the way of pushups so today I worked 3 sets of 10 of pushups between the cinder blocks. In between sets, I then performed static L-holds for a 10 count. (I'm not sure if I'm using the correct term - I'll look into it.) Also threw in a handstand as well as some bicep/forearm/wrist light dumbell prehab work.

Lastly, and this has also been something that I have been neglecting as of late, I went through the Z-Health R-Phase movements. All the way through except the for the wrists and hands (because I still have not gone through and reviewed those in detail, but I will!).

So today was something of a miscellaneous day. Not too difficult but sort of a fill-in-the-pieces kind of day. And I feel pretty good!

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