Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Too Much of a Good Thing

Now everyone has probably read all the marketing hype about kettlebells and how incredible they are for peak fitness, weight loss and fat burning. I myself was skeptical in the beginning. Hell, it took me over a year to order my first kettlebell after picking up a copy of the Russian Kettlebell Challenge.

Today, I consider myself one of the converted. I am a huge proponent of kettlebells and kettlebell training. And I am living proof of its effects.

Back around the holidays, I picked up a new pair of jeans. Instead of the 34 inch waist I had been wearing for the past couple of years, I bought a size 32 waist. Over the past few months, I had started to get tired of my pants hanging off of my when I wasn't wearing a belt. Not too bad I thought to myself. Still this was only a single pair of jeans that I added to my wardrobe.

Over the past week, I was wearing those 32 inch waisters, and noticed again, that without a belt on, they were hanging off of me. "I am getting sooooo sick of wearing baggy pants!" Was my reaction. So today I picked up two new pairs of jeans, size 31 inch waist.

I probably could have gone with the 30 inch waist, but I had a real hard time getting those things over my thighs and butt. The waist might have fit but I couldn't even get them on comfortably to find out. I also had to upgrade from the Levi's 550 to the 560. With the smaller waist, I needed to move to the 560's which are Comfort Fit and are roomier in the seat and thighs than the Relaxed Fit. It's tough finding jeans that fit right!! Am I the only guy with this problem? Maybe I should start buying custom-made jeans. That's gotta be expensive huh?

So, as much as I love my kettlebells, I just hope I don't have to keep investing in new jeans. Tough problem to have huh? =)


Anonymous said...

Try being a shortie on top of that...I have to get just about every pair of jeans hemmed. And jeans to fit girls with booties and narrow waists? forget it.

Aaron Friday said...

I haven't been able to wear Levis since high school. Old Navy painter's pants work fine ~ 28-inch waist and plenty of room for the thighs and cheeks. Zubas are even better! Get yourself some Zubas and a weight belt to wear when you go shopping.

Howie Brewer said...

Sara, I'll give you that. I've never had my jeans hemmed. I just let them drag around till they start to look shag.

And Aaron, I checked out the Zubaz webstie, they claim the "bold patterns and classic styles are back". I'm sorry to say, no they are not. I still have my Hans (of Hans and Franz) costume from Halloween, maybe I should start wearing it once a week. What do you think?

Aaron Friday said...

no, they are not, LOL! But i love them. The owner of The Press Gym where we go is also the co-founder of Zubas. There's a wall full of them for sale at the gym. Should be $10 and not $25, though. There's not much to them.

If you like the costume, you should definitely wear it.

Howie Brewer said...

OK Dude, I will concede to a new pair of Zubas, but only if you can give me positive proof that no zebras were harmed in any way in the manufacturing of their pants.