Thursday, August 20, 2009

Peak Physique in Spring Valley, NY

Last week I had the pleasure of paying a visit with Steve Eckert and Eva Jundo at their facility in Spring Valley.

Eva and Steve have a very nice place with everything one needs to get into shape properly. Eva and Steve offer one-on-one personal training sessions along with various boot camp, kettlebell, boxing and self defense classes.

For the full story, you can find them here:

Steven and Eva were also kind enough to open their space to me for training my own clients, which I thank them for. Training people part-time as I do, without a permanent facility, has meant that I have had to turn down clients in the past. But no more!

Therefore if you are looking for a structured workout schedule, please contact Steve and Eva, at:

Steve Eckert
Phone: 845-893-6529

Ewa Jundo
Phone: 201-925-1860

And if you are interested in a one-on-one or group kettlebell session with me, you know how to find me. =)

In the meantime, train hard, train safe and have fun!

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