Sunday, August 23, 2009

Something Different?

Tomorrow I'm back to work and that means I'm also back to regular training. No sleep or not, I'm going to have to stick it out as best I can.

To get things moving today, I decided to change it up a bit for fun.

One-Arm Press:
16kg - 10/10
20kg - 10/10
24kg - 5/5
28kg - 1/1

Windmill: 16kg - 5/5, 5/5

Swing: 16kg - 30/30 (this was one minute per arm)

That gave me a nice sweat. It's super humid today. As it's been lately. I'm having a hard time keeping the handles on my bells rust-free. I keep getting rust spots coming up which means getting out the sandpaper, clearing them off then chalking them up good. I'm going to enjoy the Fall!

1 comment:

hunashaman said...

Nice work buddy. Seems to have been an interesting outing. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress now that you are back at it. Good luck with work and hopefully you can catch some quality zzzzss here and there.