Monday, September 28, 2009

Off the Cuff

Today's workout was an off the cuff session. I didn't have time to train on my lunch hour today and thought the day was a loss. But got home and the wife and kids were still out, though on their way home, so after prep'ing dinner I decided to run into the garage for a few minutes.

With my 20kg's in the back of my car, I decided to experiment...

Jerk: 2 x 24kg - 3 minutes @ 6 rpm

One Arm Jerk: 28kg - 4 minutes @ 8 rpm (2 min per arm, 1 switch)

I was planning on going longer with the jerk set except right at the 3 minute mark the motion sensor light in the garage shut off leaving me in the pitch dark. I could have continued, but for how long?

I then quickly grabbed the 28kg and threw in that set. My left forearm sure didn't like having that weight pressed up against it. Too bad. Get used to it. This is your future!! =)

1 comment:

hunashaman said...

OK, this is some seriously impressive work. Maybe you should just forget about rank 2, 1, etc, and go straight for CMS or MS. You can duuuiit! Well done buddy.