Friday, January 29, 2010

Long Cycle ?!?! Day

Yes, it is finally here!! If you are familiar with my blog, I always talk about inserting a day of Long Cycle work into my routine. And then it never seems to happen.

Well today it finally happened!! This was a very interesting workout, I must say. Not ever practicing Long Cycle, and being in my current recovery phase, I went out with the 16kg bells and gave her a test drive. Here's the scoop...

Long Cycle: 2 x 16kg - 7 minutes @ 6 rpm

Treadmill: 20 minutes, easy walk with incline

L-Sits - Tuck: 3 sets of 15 second holds

So my first attempt at Long Cycle and without trying too hard I hit 42 reps. IKFF Rank IV / WKC Rank III for me in this lift is 54 reps. Not too shabby. I also performed this (and yesterday's jerks) with a dry shirt. A little bit of water would have made my rack a bit easier to hold and would have definitely helped increase my numbers. Nonetheless, this is good!

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Boris T. said...

Good stuff, Long Cycle is sweet!