Tuesday, August 5, 2008

And... Cut!

There was no early morning workout for me today. It happened to be unintentional as my body did not want to wake up this morning. But it turned out to be a good thing.

On my lunch hour today, a friend/colleague and I went out to a local park and shot some video footage of various lifts that I can use on my website for promotional purposes.

We were outside, in direct sunlight, for at least 30 minutes. And I was moving at a pretty good clip through various sequences - good preparation for this weekend's cert.

We taped the swing, clean, press, push press, single and double jerk, the various long cycle combinations, snatch, half snatch, double kb squat, and pistol.

At one point a local squad car approached us and we thought perhaps they were going to ask if we had a permit to be filming in the part. As I approached the police car and said hello, the officer who was driving pointed to his partner and said, "Hey, he works out with kettlebells too!" We proceeded to have a nice conversation after which they backed their car up so as not to disturb us and watched the remainder of the session. We had also at this time collected various onlookers. It was nice to have an audience!! =)

Right now, I am pooped! Need to eat and drink. The sun is a killer! More video shoots to come before we are ready to edit for the website. Stay tuned for more updates.


hunashaman said...

With all the news reports on movie stars getting in trouble with the law it is hardly surprising that an aspiring star like you will have his own meeting with the keepers of the peace. Glad to see your kettlebell plans are moving along nicely. Good luck with the site and your business. How's the back and hip coming along?

Howie Brewer said...

I'll start to worry if I pick up a stalker or two. That's when you know you're big time.

Back and hip are still tight. Once I'm warmed up, no problem. As I cool down, that's when I feel it.

When will that Prasara arrive???