Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday with Neti

You know, it truly is amazing how like minds and spirits seems to attract one another. Two friends from two different parts of the world each suggested I try using a neti pot to help get over this latest sinus attack I'm now dealing with.

And although I never brought it up, I already do have a neti pot and have been using it for years now!

The instructions that came with this neti pot said to add 1/4 teaspoon of salt to the filled pot. This should provide a saline content on par with the natural concentrations within your sinus membranes. During past sinus attacks, I've gone as far as doubling up on the salt to induce shrinkage of the inflamed membranes (think, swimming in the ocean, the salt water does wonders for a sore throat or cold). My current sinus attack was so sudden and fierce that I dared to triple up on the salt. And I can say that it has made a world of difference! I still popped a Claritin this morning. If things continue along well, I just might try going without the drugs the remainder of the weekend.

As for today's activities, I taught class in the park this morning at 9am. We were fortunate to have another beautiful, sunny day. Later on at 11am, I then gave a demonstration/class to the owner of a local pilates studio along with another instructor. Things are looking positive for me to be able to use some of their space as the Fall now approaches. Starting a more structured class means I need to invest in a few more bells. For now I think pro grade bells might be out of the question, strictly from a financial investment viewpoint. I need a few more 8kg and 12kg bells for beginners. PerformBetter might be my best choice for the time being.

That's it for today (so far). If I get some time, I'm going to be attempting to work through some more of the Prasara DVD this weekend. That should be fun!


Katie, KettlebellKate said...

Hi Howie- Way to rock the neti pot. I have one too and think its great. Here in the Ohio Valley our air quality is poor and I have found this helpful and always wash before any practices. Hope you and your soon are feeling better.-Kate

gilesdm said...

Nice post.

charley allen said...

Howie, I was going to suggest the same thing but others beat me to it. I guess the neti pot is something we all have but don't want to talk about! Get well soon.

Howie Brewer said...

Thanks all, I guess it's time we all came out of the closet and embraced our neti pots in front of the world.

I have been able to convert a few, although most people think I'm crazy.