Monday, August 11, 2008


Woke up today just a tad stiff and sore. Traps are sore. Delts and quads are sore. Lower back tight. All the places you would expect after a few days of intense kettlebell work.

Over the weekend my postman was kind enough to deliver Scott Sonnon's Prasara Yoga DVD. "Perfect! Just what I need to help recuperate and loosen up!", was my first thought.

Started reviewing the Diving Dolphin sequence. Wow, this is harder than it looks. And I am SUPER tight today too. My Downward Facing Dog is downright painful. Not even going to attempt Dolphin Pose just yet. And my Plow isn't even close to plowing anything but air.

A new learning experience has begun!

I have yet to decide how to proceed now with my own training. Stick to the AKC Fitness Protocol? Alternate with some longer timed sets? Add a heavy day with some squats and core work? Sprinkle in some Prasara and Z-Health?

The road ahead is wide. I need to keep an open mind and a playful spirit. Kettlebells are FUN. At times painful, but still FUN. This is where things start to get interesting...


hunashaman said...

What a great place to be Howie. Suddenly there are so many options. I really think you have more than enough tools (or toys) to keep yourself busy on the road to supreme fitness and well-being for quite some time. Have fun!

Ellen Stein said...

Hey Howie it was great meeting you this weekend-thanks for your encouragement and help getting through some of the more grueling timed sets! Hope our paths cross again-go Team NY!!

Katie, KettlebellKate said...

Hi Howie! Word up-with yoga, less is more. -Kate

Aaron Friday said...

Congrats Howie! Sounds like a killer weekend.

Like Johan wrote, there are so many options. Here's my advice: Do what you enjoy the most ~ one hard thing, and one soft thing.

Hi Ellen.
Hi Katie.