Monday, August 4, 2008

Prasara Yoga

My rear right hip/lower back is still bothering me. I had planned to work out this morning, but knowing that this weekend (IKFF Certification) I need to be healthy, I decided to let it rest a bit more today.

I first did some R-Phase pelvis, lumbar and thoracic movements, followed by a few 12kg Swings and then a bit of stretching. I'll take some Aleve today and continue with stretching and heat.

Realizing that this could be an indication of my old bones starting to grumble, I decided to take the plunge on Saturday and order Scott Sonnon's Prasara Yoga book/DVD package.

I've been proactive on the joint mobility front, but I admit reactive as of late when it comes to flexibility. I'm hoping that this provides me with structure and is enjoyable to perform. I only wish I could have downloaded the package. Why wait for shipping? I could have already been practicing!!


hunashaman said...

Good luck with the hip / back buddy. Take it easy and let it heal up.

Franklin B Herman, RKC said...

Sorry Howie, only I get to use the old bones routine ;^}

Until the Sonnon materials arrive keep doing Z. And keep doing Z after the Sonnon materials arrive too. Go back to the basic R-Phase drills and perform really slow movements ... and don't go into pain.

If necessary, take off the entire rest of the week. Its a Cert and you will be able to pace yourself and rest when necessary .. you will be fine.

Howie Brewer said...

Absolutely Franklin, even with the Prasara, I will continue to Z.

If I come to REALLY like the Prasara, I might consider experimenting with Intuflow. We'll see.