Wednesday, August 6, 2008

No Intensity Day

I think I am starting to notice a trend here. When I perform the corpse pose with the associated breathing, as described by Scott Sonnon in RESET, just before going to sleep at night, I think I'm noticing that I am sleeping better and waking up early is easier. I'm going to have to start keeping notes on this. But it does seem to be more and more apparent on the nights when I do practice this.

Anyway, got up today at 5:15am and it was raining outside which made the entire house pitch black. Really weird. I guess Fall is approaching after all.

Performed a full Z-Health R-Phase program from head to toe.

I'm (a bit) surprised that I'm feeling as good as I am this morning after yesterday afternoon's kettlebell video shoot. Thighs are a bit sore, but that's understandable since I really haven't been doing any direct leg work as of late. And the back/hip isn't too bad either. I can definitely see how the right side of my body is affected by the tightness of my hip. It runs all the way up to my scapula on the same side. While performing my 'camshafts' on that side the tightness and resultant cracking and popping was tremendous. Left side, not so bad. So it is definitely an area that is going to continue getting some extra attention these days.

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hunashaman said...

Nice post Howie. I have also noticed how a little (or big) issue somewhere pretty much freezes up large parts of the body.I'm glad the back / hip is improving.