Sunday, August 10, 2008

IKFF Certified!!

The last person I said goodbye to on the way out of our second and final day of the IKFF Certification was Ken Blackburn. I shook his hand, gave him a man-hug and said, "I've never had friendships that were so painful."

I left Day 2, exhausted and sore, but at the same time ecstatic and energized. This was a FANTASTIC two days. I was very fortunate to have such a great group of guys and girls to experience this weekend with. We all worked our asses off! This weekend was physically and even more so, mentally challenging. And every one of us stuck it out and gave it our all and we did it together.

Mad props to Steve and Ken. They tag teamed throughout the two days and kept us going and going and going. Famous last words from the weekend, "Now let's review a more advanced variation." =)

I took away a lot of valuable information from this weekend that will both help me and my personal training as well as help me torture, I mean, train my students. I am going to need to relax tonight and put details down on paper before I forget, there was that much information.

By now you're probably wondering what Day 2 consisted of. We worked the Snatch. After the extensive timed sets of Day 1, I think Steve and Ken went easy on us with an 8 minute set. We then moved Double Swings and Cleans, which segued us into Double Front Squats. We did these for a short timed set. This then progressed into Single Overhead Squats. We worked these first for a 2 minute set, then a 4 minute set, followed by a 6 minute set. These were BRUTAL!!

Then it was on to Core work which included Get Ups, Windmills and other interesting movements, some of which I will be video taping for the website. Very cool though (sorry you'll have to wait to find out).

Following this it was evaluation time where we had to perform just about everything that was covered over the two days to Steve and Ken's satisfaction, one after the other after the other. Finishing off we then got to rest and discussed program design and some business development topics. Finally, the certificates were handed out and everyone, after many goodbyes and thank yous, dispersed.

What more can I say, it was a GREAT two days. Thank you Steve and Ken!


Christine said...

Conratulations! I know the feeling!

hunashaman said...

Congratulations Howie! Or is it now Mr. Brewer given all the serious qualifications behind your name? Well done with all the work over the weekend and thanks for sharing the experience with all of us.

The Edge said...


Great Blog! It was great meeting you and lifting with you this past weekend, it was a blast eh!! Congrats on achieving the certification. Keep lifting and stay in touch.


Lauren said...

Awesome Howie! What an achievement. Sounds like an amazing time.


Kaiser said...

Good job man! Yeap, you learned from the best - and it's obvious you've got a passion for this - training is just darn right easy after that!