Monday, October 20, 2008

And... Action!

Howz Training, Take 2.

OK, so this week starts the new program.  We'll be starting off easy and we'll be starting off light.  We still have back pain, but it's bearable.  Wednesday night is the last session of physical therapy (unless we decide going back will provide any more relief).  We'll continue to see the chiropractor in the meantime.  We are now incorporating the heal lift gradually into the left shoe.  We will be mixing up some body weight exercises with kettlebell exercises along with anything else we feel like along the way.  We will also be experimenting with the 4x7 program (to the best of our ability, early on that might be difficult, but that's the goal).  For the low intensity day, we will be practicing the Compensatory Movements from Scott Sonnon's Kettlebell FoundationDVD set.  Eventually moving into Prasara yoga "A" flows.  Low intensity days will consist of IntuFlow.

Today's moderate intensity day looked like this...

IntuFlow Beginner

A1) Pushup:  15, 15
A2) Ab Wheel Rollout:  5, 5
A3) Dip:  5, 5
A4) Pullup:  5, 5

These were performed in a circuit.

I received Scott Sonnon's Kettlebell Foundation DVD in the mail on Saturday.  There are 3 DVDs included in the set - Kettlebell Movements, Joint Mobility Warmup, and Compensatory Cooldown.  I briefly scanned all three disks.  There is a lot of material included in these DVDs.  I was able to view the entire Compensatory DVD.  There are 22 different movements taught, the majority appear to be yoga based and some appear to be a prelude to the more advanced Prasara poses.  From what I have seen so far, I am very pleased with this product.  It's going to take a bit of time to digest it all, but that's where the fun is.  Baby steps for me with everything these days.

Tomorrow I play with the bells.

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hunashaman said...

Great to see you getting back into it buddy. Good luck with the new program - I really hope it works well for you but from my perspective it looks solid. I ordered Scott's kettlebell DVD's and some other stuff last night. Can't wait to start playing.