Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bodyweight Day

Today's session looked like this...

A1) Pushup:  15, 15, 15
A2) Ab Wheel Rollout:  5, 5, 5
A3) Dip:  5, 5, 5
A4) Pullup:  5, 5, 5

These were performed in a circuit, each exercise once through for three circuits.
Cooldown consisted of IntuFlow Beginner and a few of the Kettlebell Foundation Compensatory Movements.

So if you've been following along, I added the third circuit today to this routine.  As always now I watch and wait to see how my back handles it.  Hopefully all continues well and tomorrow will be the bells.

1 comment:

Franklin said...

Hey Howie, things are looking much better for you as I see you are able to ease back into light KB and BW work.

I'm a little surprised that Z-Health didn't pan out for you but at the same time am very pleased to hear that the Sonnon programs are getting you results.

As far as BW work, just look at the strength and muscularity of the Gymnasts before we write it off as not hardcore enough.