Saturday, October 11, 2008


I finally decided to get myself to see a chiropractor as it has become more and more apparent that the back and hip issues I am having are very much a result of the condition of my spine.

So yesterday afternoon I met with a chiropractor who performed an initial exam on my back and identified a few areas that are in need of improvement. At least two spots in the cervical spine, one or two in the thoracic spine and at least one in the lumbar spine. Coupled with those and possibly a result of them are a few areas of spasm in the back which have been the same areas we have been working on releasing in physical therapy to date.

Before we start treatment, she also sent me to have x-rays taken of my pelvis. I left her office, walked into the radiology office and within 20 minutes, was walking out with x-rays in hand. Once I got home I held them up to the light to see if my untrained eye could spot anything that looked out of the ordinary.

Well, both my wife and I looked a bit confused as I was forced to tilt the x-ray in order for my pelvis to look level. "That can't be good", was my first reaction.

Wow, not only is it tremendously obvious that my pelvis is tilted in a major way, but you can also see how the lumbar spine then curves off to meet the pelvis. "That should probably be straight", I thought.

The second x-ray was from the side, and although I am nowhere near being an expert, there's a LOT of curvature in that lumbar spine, a LOT.

So I have to be optimistic for the time being that this route will be helpful in getting me back to full strength and health. I'll be having my first treatment on Monday at noon (on my lunch hour) and we will be viewing and discussing these x-rays together. I hope I'm not already too far gone...


Franklin said...

My pelvis and spine x-ray are the same as yours. My right leg is about 3/8" shorter than my right so pelvis tilts to the right and my spine back up to the left .. and I refuse to wear a funky shoe to offset it!

hunashaman said...

This is so synchronistic. When I emailed you last night I thought about asking you whether the chiro sent you for an MRI or X-Ray. Your doc clearly knows her stuff. I also thought about asking you about the psoas flexibility like BJ did. I have found that a large part of my back problems stem from tightness in those very muscles - years of martial art abdominal exercises will do that. Stretch em out buddy and get that spine flowing. I'm glad your seeing a chiro - my wife has had some amazing results doing just that. Chat soon.

Howie Brewer said...

Franklin, I guess that's why you currently see your chiro? You can also get a heel insert for your shoe rather than wear a Frankenstein boot.

Johan, yes very tight hip flexors at the beginning of this all, and also very strong! But I'm working it!!