Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nice and Easy

There's nothing like the tender soreness that arises late in the day following a good workout.

Before going to bed last night, I could feel the effects of the morning's workout in my shoulders and abs.  And a good sign that my back felt fine.  Woke up this morning a little stiff all over.  I could feel that my lower back was a bit tight, but this was in the muscles.  It wasn't the usual ache of the ligaments that I have been feeling.

So today I had the bells on schedule.  With things feeling good, this is what it looked like...

Swing:  8kg - 10R/10L

Windmill:  8kg - 10R/10L

Snatch:  8kg - 4 minutes - 24L/24R

Seated Press:  2x8kg - 4 minutes - 40

IntuFlow as a cooldown

That's it.  Now we wait until tomorrow morning to see how things are holding up.  Tomorrow is now my scheduled "no intensity" day, therefore only IntuFlow is on the card.

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hunashaman said...

Well done my friend. It is GREAT to see you open for business again.