Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Few Steps Back

I've been taking it easy the past few days as my back continues to throw up road blocks toward my progress. I'm finding it bizarre that very similar muscular pain has now developed in the exact same place on the opposite side of my back from the injury I'm now recovering from.

Therefore the last few days have consisted of some Intu-Flow (with Xtension), some Kettlebell Foundation Compensatory Movements and FlowFit.

I am fortunate to have a friend who had an extra copy of the FlowFit DVD and was kind enough to give it to me. It received it yesterday, watched it through last night and experimented with it this morning. Up until now I had used Coach Steer's web videos as my guide for this. Now I see the whole picture and can visualize where the development of these skills will take me.

The goal of FlowFit is to perform the movements continuously, flowing one movement into the next, for 14-18 minutes, while maintaining prescribed levels of technique, exertion and discomfort. Even at the beginning stages are not easy if you are just starting out. These are whole-body movements with ranges of motion that most people do not usually work through - they are designed to move you through all 3 dimensions.

I'm going to take a few days off from the bells, continue to work my body in this manner and maybe within a week or so return to the bells, dropping back the intensity once again and see how things feel building back up again. I have also found that there is a rolfer not too far from my home and may try to give that a shot if my schedule allows. That's it for now, stay tuned.


hunashaman said...

Sounds like a good plan buddy. I do think extensive work with the bells tend to cause very specific movement imbalances that can probably be corrected through exercises with a different range of motion. Good luck.

Take One Stripper Pole said...

Ummm ... aren't you 21 today? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :)