Thursday, January 22, 2009

Up A Notch

Since my back has been behaving as of late, I decided to increase my working sets from 2 to 3 minutes tonight. Hopefully, things will continue improving.

1-Arm Clean: 16kg - 3 minutes @ 16 rpm

Press: 16kg - 3 minutes @ 12 rpm

1-Arm Long Cycle Push Press: 16kg - 3 minutes @ 10 rpm

Rested 2 min between sets.

Could definitely feel the 50% increase from the previous level of training.

Cool down consisted of the usual compensatory movements. I must admit I am very pleased with how my plow posture is coming along. I can actually work on raising my hips while at the same time have the balls of my feet on the floor with my knees locked! I few months ago, this alone seemed impossible. Nice!!


Franklin said...

Nice Howie. Any chance of posting a picture of your plow posture?

Howie Brewer said...

Hey Franklin,although probably not as exciting to see as one of your Power Snatches, I'll try to video tape something this weekend.