Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Baby Steps

Warmed up this morning with some 6lb medicine ball circles and twists.  

Swing:  12kg - 15/15, 16kg - 15/15,  20kg - 10/10

Snatch:  16kg - 4 minutes @ 12 rpm - total 48 snatches

Cooled down with selected KF Compensatory movements.  I was amazing pleased to find my range of motion in the Spinal Twist has increased somewhat without pain(!).  Things might actually be starting to work for me.  This could be exciting...  =)

I could definitely feel the difference Snatching the bigger bell this morning.  I considered switching hands after the 4 minute mark to squeeze out an additional minute per hand, but I decided not to be greedy and go slow.  Slow and steady have been working for me so far, I'm hoping it won't let me down.

On a side note, the AKC Coach's Certification is coming to NYC in June.  I plan to attend.  Although it seems like so far off, it will allow me to keep progressing and hopefully I'll be moving bigger bells and numbers around by then (24kg's maybe??).

Gotta run, early meeting at the office today!  Snatch 'em up y'all!

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