Friday, December 26, 2008

Long Cycle Progression

It's been a few days since my last workout and my back has been rather tight the past few days (maybe I overdid it with the Floor Scorpion?), so today I wanted to get things moving again without getting too intense.

So I grabbed my 12kg bell and put together a combination long cycle progression that looked like this...

1-Arm Long Cycle Press: 12kg - 4 minutes @ 8 rpm

1-Arm Long Cycle Push Press: 12kg - 4 minutes @ 10 rpm

1-Arm Long Cycle Jerk: 12kg - 4 minutes @ 10 rpm

12 minutes total time with no rest, this was one continuous set.

I then followed with mini clubbells (the usual):
Side Swipe
Hammer Swing
Split Swipe
Alternating Mill

Finally finished off with compensatory cool down.

1 comment:

hunashaman said...

Nice! That's a rather long set - you're back to your IKFF cert tricks. Good work buddy. Are you enjoying the clubs?