Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Slow and Steady

I knew it!  I told you so!!

Those clubbells definitely work my thoracic mobility in the right way!  I felt things tightening up last night and awoke this morning feeling like someone tightened a belt around my mid back.  Not one to add insult to injury, I knew the perfect way to stretch things back out - Jerks!

Today was a nice, steady progression with the 16kg bells, similar to how I worked up on things with the 12kg.  This is what today looked like...

Swing:  12kg - 15/15;  16kg - 10/10

Jerk:  2 x 16kg - 4 minutes @ 6 rpm - total of 24 Jerks

Cool down with some yoga (I'm getting tired of writing "Kettlebell Foundation Compensatory Movements" every time, so from now on, I'm simply going to refer to it as "yoga") and some tennis ball therapy.

I am continued to be surprised with how well my twisting motion is improving.  The only thing that has really changed is the introduction of the tennis ball therapy in the past two weeks or so.  Everything else is the same.  I haven't even finished reading my Muscular Retraining book!  I should be able to finish it off this week and then will start the exercises within.  But by then, they might even be prehab work and not rehab as they were intended (if things continue to improve as they are).  But even so, I am feeling some soreness on the opposite side of my body in some similar places.  My goal is to try to balance all of this out and make sure I don't start down a similar path with my left side.  Now that the right is improving, let's bring it all up strong and healthy together.  

Jerk 'em up, y'all!!


hunashaman said...

Nice work Howie. You're progress and road to recovery has been an inspiration to keep track of. What exactly do you do with the tennis ball? I think I also need to do whatever you are doing.

hunashaman said...

Sorry, meant YOUR progress, not you're progress.

Howie Brewer said...

Hey my friend,

I simply lean up against a wall onto a tennis ball. Find a spot that hurts and then apply steady pressure for about 10-20 seconds. Then move it along that same muscle until it all loosens up.

I haven't even cracked my Trigger Point Therapy book yet, so my results might improve even more so once I get that far along.

And no worries on the grammar. Happens to the best of us.