Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Not Too Bad

Slept a little better last night.  I was able to cut back on the dose a Nyquil a bit which made it easier to get up today than yesterday.  I wanted to keep things moving without overdoing it today.  Therefore I opted to forego the Snatches today and work on my Jerks.

Swing:  12kg - 10/10;  16kg - 10/10

Jerk:  2 x 12kg - 8 minutes at 6 rpm - total of 48 reps

Cooldown consisted of some foam roller work, Kettlebell Foundation Compensatory movements and some impromptu trigger point massage on my quadratus lumborum using a plastic polar bear(!)  in place of a tennis ball.  (Hey, sometimes you gotta make do with what you have on hand.)

I was mentally set to eek out this 8 minute set of Jerks.  Around minute five I was started to have my doubts, but I stayed focused on getting through each individual minute and tried my best to find my hip bones to get in some rest.  Funny thing is, sometime in minute six I thought about going for ten minutes.  I probably could have but didn't want to push it too much today.  My back is hurting a bit today (and yesterday).  

I'm off to Barnes & Noble again today to pick up a book on Trigger Point Therapy.  I'm going to figure this back thing out (eventually).  I've decided to remove the heal insert I have been wearing.  Since I have been wearing it for weeks now and still have not gotten lasting relief and since I don't totally believe that my condition is structural but muscular, I don't want it overcompensating things.  Worse case, I can always put it back in.

So that's it for today.  Hopefully, tomorrow I feel even better than today!  Jerk 'em up y'all!!

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hunashaman said...

Nicely done buddy. 8 minutes with double bells is no joke.