Friday, December 19, 2008

Double It Up

This morning was the first session in a while that I performed both Jerks and Snatches together.  I have been keeping them isolated from one another as I worked through my back issues, trying to keep my training variables very visible.  Since I am starting to feel some major improvements, I decided to work them both this morning.  Still being conservative, I varied the intensity between the two.

This is what this dark morning's session looked like (we're waiting for the snow to arrive!)...

Jerk:  2 x 16kg - 2 minutes @ 8 rpm 

Snatch:  16kg - 6 minutes @ 12 rpm

Cooled down with some yoga and trigger point massage.

I am happy to report that the Jerk set felt pretty good.  Two minutes is pretty short.  Short is nice!!  The Snatch set was a bit trying.  The last minute on each hand (minute 3 and 6) was all about staying poised and keeping my breathing under control.  

I am so psyched to be able to be at this level now.  By the time March rolls around, I hope to be VERY comfortable working with the 16kg's and hopefully will be doing some work with the 20kg's.  This is a great way to end off the year for me, given with what I have been dealing with since August.  Snatch 'em high everyone!!

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