Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tumbleweed, Take 2

I woke up early today even though I'm off from work to try out the suggestions made to me by Coach Adam Steer following yesterday's session.

I started off performing Intu-Flow's Intermediate program.

I then warmed my body up with a selection of FlowFit movements:
Trinity Squat
Quad Squat
Leg Swoop
Tripod Switch
Upward Facing Dog
Spinal Rock

Forgetting to repeat the mid-line Intu-Flow (oops), I then gave Tumbleweed another go.

Being warmed up this way definitely made a bit of a difference for me. I still am very tight and don't expect miracles first time through. But I will continue to practice this way until my body begins to unknot itself. As I'm typing this I can feel the after effects of this session on my lower back and rear pelvis. Hopefully, I didn't over do it(!).

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hunashaman said...

I see you are becoming quite the yogi. If I was a psychic I would have predicted incense, robes, a loin cloth and an extended stay in an Ashram in Rishikesh in your not too distant future. Jokes (or predictions) aside; good work today. I'm pretty much where you are at in terms of mastering the whole Prasara thing and getting my body back in working order. Good luck and may the new year take you from strength to strength and mobility to even more mobility.