Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter Wonderland

It's a Winter Wonderland here in NY!

I had a 3-hour commute home from work on Friday, making my way through the treacherous snow and ice. Yesterday was still nasty trying to get around town. And this morning I woke up to more snowfall. And it keeps on falling!

My back tightened up a good deal after Friday's

workout session (both jerks and snatches practiced), so I decided that today I would back up a bit in terms of intensity. I reverted back to the tried and true Fitness Protocol - Level 1.

Press: 16kg - 2 minutes @ 12 rpm - 12L/12R

Snatch: 16kg - 2 minutes @ 16 rpm - 16L/16R

Long Cycle Push Press: 16kg - 2 minutes @ 10 rpm - 10L/10R

Then did some work with the Mini Clubbells:
- Side Swipe
- Hammer Swing
- Split Swipe
- Alternating Mill
- Backstroke

Cooled down with some yoga. And there will definitely be some tennis ball trigger point therapy later.

Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!!

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hunashaman said...

Wow! What beautiful scenery. Africa is way too hot for that kind of beauty. Good work today buddy! BTW, I'm busy downloading Scott's new Tacfit program and am hoping to publish some positive comments soon. I also really must get some clubbells - luckily my Christmas bonus might be able to make that a reality.